Who we are

Kirkoswald is a global alternative asset management firm with offices in London, New York and the Bahamas. The firm operates across global markets.

About Kirkoswald

First established in 2014, Kirkoswald has evolved into a global alternative asset management firm that combines decades of professional experience in macro and emerging markets investing, a holistic investment and risk management process and a distinct research and analysis capability to build effective strategies across a range of investment products. The firm puts a commitment to ethics and trust first and foremost and builds connections with investors to help them achieve their goals. This philosophy has allowed Kirkoswald to weather a range of market cycles.

Ultimately, Kirkoswald’s global macro strategies seek to unlock areas of opportunity and potential growth, while simultaneously providing opportunity and risk mitigation in challenging conditions and protection against market drawdowns.

Focus on Culture

Seamless connectivity across the firm

Kirkoswald is committed to creating an inclusive culture that prioritizes teamwork alongside performance and comprehensive risk management. The firm operates as one, connecting teams across the front and back offices and instilling a culture of discipline and excellence throughout the organization.

Ultimately, this internal fabric creates a shared sense of responsibility and produces the best results for Kirkoswald’s investors.

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Commitment to excellence


Kirkoswald is committed to a culture that fosters intellectual development and collaboration. This is an extension of Kirkoswald's partnership with its clients and ultimately is crucial to helping them achieve their goals – both with their investment in Kirkoswald and to help them broaden their global perspective.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about Kirkoswald, please get in touch.